For this exercise, your client, Bright IDEAs Inc., has provided you with data for two related files, a listing of sales invoices, and a listing of customers with credit limits. To test whether credit authorization controls are in place, the auditor must complete a series of related steps.


1. Import the client’s database of accounts payable

2. Import the client’s authorized supplier list

3. Merge the accounts payable and supplier databases

4. Identify payments to unauthorized suppliers

Complete all of the related steps shown above using Excel. After completing each step, answer the following questions.

a-1. Upon importing the ACCPAY2015.txt file, what is the Number of Records shown by Excel?

a-2. Upon importing the Supplier.xls file, what is the Number of Records shown by Excel?

b. How many different unauthorized suppliers were paid during the year?

c. What was the total dollar amount of the payments to unauthorized suppliers? </pstyle="margin-bottom:>

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