1. Your Business is a Retailer – Make up your business name; Introduce your business in a way that others would believe it is a real business and consistent with the numbers you present in the financial statements. For example, What does you business do (provide an overview)? What products does your business offer? How long have your business been operating for? 2. Use Excel to complete the assignment by writing the business story and entering data into spreadsheet with relevant formula. You must create a separate tab for the following: ? The Business story ? The Income Statement; ? The Statement of Financial Position; and ? Your group member details and their contributions – List each student of your group with their full name and student number and write a brief description of the individual contribution made (eg. Who wrote the business story, entered data into spreadsheet, jointly applied the formula, ect…) 3. The following accounts are examples that can be used in the preparation of the financial statements for Your Retailer Business. You may make up the amounts in a way that is consistent with the nature of your business and add different accounts that is relevant to your business. However, your business must have at least 2 depreciating non-current assets

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