Your assignment is to write a paper that compares and contrasts the ideas of any two of the following three philosophers: Confucius (aka Kongzi), Mozi, Zhuangzi. In your comments, you should try to adopt the perspective of one of these three thinkers. For example, if you are comparing Confucius and Zhuangzi you might present Zhuangzi’s perspective on Confucius: Which of his ideas are similar to your own and therefore worthy of praise? Which ideas are different from your own and therefore reprehensible?

Six different permutations are possible: Confucius on Mozi Mozi on Confucius Zhuangzi on Mozi Mozi on Zhuangzi Zhuangzi on Confucius Confucius on Zhuangzi The paper should be 3 pages (typed, double-spaced, with no unusually sized type fonts). It is due in class on Wednesday, October 16. Late papers will lose one grade step (e. g. B+ to B) immediately and an additional step every day until they are turned in. For your reference, I am putting the following books on Reserve in Hale Library: Vitaly Rubin, Individual and State in Ancient China.

Arthur Waley, Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China Basic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu, translated by Burton Watson Sources of Chinese Tradition, edited by Wm. Theodore de Bary The use of these books or any other sources apart from assigned class readings is entirely optional. Bear in mind that if you borrow any ideas from any printed sources (including books, articles and Web sites) you should indicate your source, and if you borrow their exact words you must use quotation marks.

There is no need, however, to cite me for material in your notes that is based on class lectures and discussions. For course purposes, such material is considered to be in the “public domain. ” In citing sources, for assigned reading and any of the four books listed above it’s OK to use a parenthetical citation such as (Ivanhoe, p. 109) or (Rubin, p. 25). If you cite any other sources, it would be best to provide a footnote or endnote providing full bibliographical information in the first instance. Please check with me if you are unsure how to proceed.

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