Your 500-1000 word (or more) essay is to be comparison and contrast of the Classical Hollywood Style and a foreign film. This essay should be like an "evaluative" essay you have done for an English Composition class, and have the standard introduction, body and conclusion. You are to determine if the foreign film follows the textbook's definition of the Classical Hollywood Style as stated below:

The definition of Classical Hollywood Style is:

·A character driven narrative whose characters have well defined goals that are achieved by the end of the film.

·Equilibrium is established early in the film and it is disrupted and re-established by the end of the film.

·The story is told using the formal conventions of use of camera, lighting, editing, mise-en-scene, etc.

You must use this definition of the Classical Hollywood Style for your paper.

First, make a selection of a foreign film to use from the list attached below, or from one of the films shown by FLICS at the Fox Theater inBakersfield. A link to their site is at the left. Then view that foreign film. Next, using your knowledge of the CHS, analyze the foreign film as to any similarities and differences with the Classical Hollywood Style.

You essay must include the following:

·A discussion of whether or not there are any elements of the Classical Hollywood Style in the foreign film.

·Specific example drawn from the film that supports your discussion or thesis.

And include a discussion of any components of film form that you identify in the film, such as editing techniques or camera angles.

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