You have already conducted a needs analysis for the network of the business you are working with. The next step is to translate that understanding of various users in terms of what they need into a specific list of design requirements. This will serve as a checklist for your design. For each item, you should provide a brief description of why that specific requirement is necessary.
Possible examples include:
Password-protected guest wireless access: The business wants to allow customers to access the Internet, but does not want general open access. This customer access should not give access to other network resources or computers and should not allow customers to access one anothers computers when logged on.
Shared data storage with version control: Employees often collaborate on documents and other materials. Common, shared access is needed for these materials. Employees should know when someone else is working on the materials or when changes have been made to support collaboration without inadvertently losing work.
Internet access: All computers on the company network need to be able to access the Internet through a shared modem.
Assignment (3 pages): APA
Create a list consisting of at least ten specific requirements for the network you are designing. Explain each requirement in terms of the needs of the business you have chosen to work with.

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