you are to examine a university athletic department and determine if it is
complying with Title IX and, if not, how to get the school in compliance.
Select a Division I university in the Big Ten Conference. Research that school’s student population numbers, male-female student population ratios, student-athlete numbers and male- female student-athlete ratios. You also will want to research that school’s athletic facilities for men and women, coaching staffing, and travel schedules.
Next, write a report (1) outlining the research that you have found, providing your analysis of whether the school is in compliance with Title IX based on the federal government’s three-part test, specifically applying each element of that test to the facts, and (2) providing your recommendations moving forward to assure that institution’s compliance with Title IX.
complete and proper explanation of the elements of the case brief and language usage, all as noted below. The report must be 3,000 words.
The following Discrimination and Title IX criteria:
*Title IX defined- fully defined
*Three- part test fully defined
*School’s student population numbers/student-athlete ratios researched- uses effective
Search strategies using basic keywords and gather statistical information.
*School’s athletic facilities, coaching, staff- use effective search strategies and use most
Appropriate sources to gather statistical information.
*Application of facts to three -part test- strong, in-depth, insightful assertion beyond the
*Recommendation for compliance with Title IX- Develop strong arguments with valid
Evidence. Uses specific illustrations to support main ideas.

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