You are required to manage a diversity research project as if you are in a community services work setting.
Step 1- prepare a research plan Identify the target group for your research and provide an overview of their location in the workplace Explain why you have chosen that group for your diversity research task Which research strategy will best allow you to research how diversity policies impact on the target group’s experience in the workplace? Explain your choice Develop communication strategies of how you would effectively communicate with all stakeholders, and explain why you have chosen them Select and develop research methods and types of data to be collected. Explain the reason for your research methods (for example surveys, consultant, interviews) Identify the resources you would need to undertake your research in your response consider the human and financial resources that may be required Identify the current government policies, legislation and ethical considerations that may be relevant to diversity Review the workplace policies, procedures and any other relevant documents to ensure that your strategies are in line with the community services setting, goals and philosophies Consult with key stakeholders as appropriate, employing relevant communication strategies about your research topic Reference your work
Step 2- implement research plan Describe how would you conduct research using your chosen methods. Are there any potential barriers or difficulties you might need to respond to? Do you have any potential allies to conduct the research? Describe how you would gather and record data through qualitative or quantitative methods Describe how you will evaluate the findings from your research with reference to: Overall findings of your research Communication you used with stakeholders Future training requirements for the workplace how will you present your research plan in written format?

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