You are planning to acquire or start up a company utilizing the principals of Integrated Marketing.

For this project, you will need to:

•    Give a brief description of your business, including:
o    Product or service to be promoted
o    Your target customer

(I choose Bradelies New York bras to be promoted, and my target customer are California customers and some new customers in China) …….

•    Describe in detail one Customer Acquisition campaign, including:
o    Which Acquisition medium you are using
o    Promotional expense
o    Gross Demand, orders and customers
o    Average order size
o    Performance metrics for the campaign
o    Acquisition P&L
o    Variable and Fully Loaded breakeven
o    Contribution per new customer
o    Whether your company will recoup the advertising cost within the first year after the acquisition
o    Compute the First and Second Year value of customers acquired through this campaign

•    Give a brief summary of what, if anything you would do differently the following year based on the results of this acquisition campaign.

Note that Promotion expense must include cost per email, cost per piece, cost per M, cost per click, etc. …….

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