You are considering the purchase of an apartment complex. The following assumptions aremade:• The purchase price is $1 million.• Potential gross income (PGI) for the first year of operations is projected to be $171,000.• PGI is expected to increase 4 percent per year.• No vacancies are expected.• Operating expenses are estimated at 35 percent of effective gross income.• The market value of the investment is expected to increase 4 percent per year.• Selling expenses will be 4 percent.• The holding period is four years.• The appropriate rate of return to discount projectedNOIs and the projected NSP is 12 percent.• The after-debt required rate of return is 14 percent.• 70 percent of the purchase price can be borrowed with a 30-year, monthly payment mortgage.• The annual interest rate on the mortgage will be 11.5 percent.• Financing costs will equal 2 percent of the loan amount.• There are no prepayment penalties.a. Calculate net operating income (NOI) for each of the four years.b. Calculate the net selling price from the sale of the property.c. Calculate the net present value of this investment (assuming no mortgage debt). Should you purchase? Why?d. Calculate the internal rate of return of this investment (assuming no debt). Should you purchase? Why?e. Calculate the monthly mortgage payment.What is the total per year?f. Calculate the loan balance at the end of years 1, 2, 3, and 4. (Note: the unpaid mortgage balance at any time is equal to the present value of the remaining payments, discounted at the contract [face] rate of interest).

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