You are a CSR consultant and you have been asked to write 1,000 word Business Sustainability Report for the Sunselect Property Group in which you make recommendations on how to improve the sustainable practices of the company. Sunselect Property Group (SPG)* is an established and successful property developer based in Sydney, NSW. The company has been developing commercial and residential properties for over 50 years, but it has not kept pace with developments in sustainable building and its reputation is suffering as a result. In an effort to improve its CSR profile, the company is working on a low-rise, high-density housing project called ‘The Greenfields Development’. This is aimed at providing affordable, energy efficient housing that promotes sustainable living. The CEO of SPG is drafting a proposal for the council, outlining areas on which the development can focus in order to achieve its objective. You are required to prepare a business report for SPG which gives recommendations on sustainable practices for the project. In particular, the report should focus on: 1. Energy efficiency 2. Water consumption and management 3. Waste management *Note: This is a not a real company.

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