write a top 10 concepts short paper of the movie : The Battle of Algiers, Dir. Gillo Pontecorvo 1966â¢Top Ten concepts, For some assigned readings, students are required to come to class with a prepared, typed, âTop Tenâ list of concepts from that dayâs assigned reading. Besides representing an excellent way to hone those close reading skills, the Top Ten list will help prepare for an engaging discussion session. Your Top Ten list should be a collection of the ideas that stood out to YOU, for whatever reason. Maybe they are the most moving, or puzzling, or obvious, or troubling, or new, or tried-and-true, or controversial concepts you met. Each entry should include a brief definition of the concept, an explanation of why you chose it, and a note about what it has to do with your developing understanding of war, representations of war, and relevant themes. This list is due at the beginning of class and will form the basis for discussion.

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