Write a petition with 800-1000 words  and need to use Ethos Logo and Pathos

Write a with 800-1000 words, and need to use and Pathos. The objective of this assignment is to practice persuasive writing which include the elements of Logos, Pathos and Ethos as well as practice writing in proposal.The topic of the petition I already picked, and more specific information of this essay will in those 3 document.

Writing Task: Open up at , then browse through some of the trending petitions on the website (I already chosen). There are thousand already published, so plz go through a few to get a good idea of what will be expected. Since this website is open to everyone, you will find both strongly and weakly written potions. read both to give yourself an idea of what you should aim for and what you should try to avoid. follow the steps on the website to publish your petition. (Just write and sent to me and I will publish that by my self)

About the essay skill requirement, better get A or A-. Thanks for your help, if you have any question you can directly ask me on Study-pool or email me (The email address in the document)

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