write a humorous process essay response

In 500 words, write a humorous process essay response/s to one or more of the following prompts:How to become a celebrity
How to look beautiful before hitting the clubs
How to appear rich at the club when you are quite poor
How Karma works
How to successfully perform April Fools jokes
How to get rid of all social networks
How to write a winning essay
How to fix a stupid
How to save on college tuition fees
How to get free cinema tickets
How to get an impossible job
How to impress your parents
How to clean teeth without brush
How to take a bath without water
How to cope with job interview anxiety
How to be a drama queen
How to fly free
How to act like Donald Trump
How to get rid of lice
How to spend others money
How to cheat
How to win your back Ex
How to ruin a wedding, date, or funeral
How to act American
How to behave sober when you are not
How to blame others for everything you’ve done wrong
How to hide a fart
If you run out of ideas, you can write on additional prompts listed above.


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