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General Instructions

You will compose sustained, comparative analysis (4-6 pgs) of a single literary element of any two novels that we have reviewed over the course of the semester. You may select from one of the questions below, or you may create your own question. Your essay must include at least two outside sources (a scholarly journal article or book). You may not cite from websites such as Wikipedia, Sparknotes, etc. Your essay should use first person pronouns (I, me, my) sparingly.

Excellent sample essay: 

Essay Questions

Option 1: Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Art Spiegelman’s Mauss retell history through the lives of ordinary people in order to revise or “re-vision” traumatic events to give voice to those who have been silenced or displaced by mainstream culture.  What function do characters that did not directly experience the traumatic events, like Art and Denver, play in the retelling of these silenced histories? Do they help or hinder our understanding of the trauma claims that Morrison and Spiegelman seek to make in their respective works?

Option 2: Although Beloved and Kindred are anchored in the present, each novel tells a story of cultural trauma by using elements of the fantastic (such as haunting and time travel). Explain why you think these texts use the supernatural—such as haunting and time travel—as vehicles for accessing and/or thinking about the past. Does the way that Beloved and Kindred engage the past help or hinder our understanding of the lingering trauma of enslavement?

Option 3: What do Maus and Enemies: A Love Story teach readers about Holocaust survivors? What traits and characteristics to Vladek Spiegelman and Herman Broder have in common? In your opinion, which text does a better job of demonstrating the lasting impact of the Holocaust on survivors, and why?

Option 4: Create your own question. If you choose to create your own question, you must get it approved by me no later than May 10th.  Please send your question to me in the body of an email at .  This is non-negotiable.

Your paper should:

Include a heading

Feature a creative title

Offer a thoughtfully composed introduction that identifies the texts you will be analyzing

Include a well-developed thesis statement

Be well organized and include guiding topic sentences

Use evidence from the texts to support your claims

Rely on analysis rather than summary

Finish with a strong conclusion that does not merely recite the thesis

Meet the minimum page requirement (4 full pages)

Be double-spaced

Be typed in Times New Roman font, size 12

Have 1-inch margins all around

Include at least 2 outside sources

Include a Works Cited page

Observe MLA formatting guidelines for in-text citations

Observe grammar and punctuation rules



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