Which of the following is a function performed by the digestive system?cellular respirationfood selectionelimination of undigested foodregulation of blood pHintegration and coordination of other systemsLipid-soluble drugs placed under the tongueare more easily swallowed.can be detected by taste buds.are quickly dissolved and absorbed.are then easy to chew.are not readily absorbed.Which of the following cell types is correctly matched with its function?mucous cells – produce intrinsic factorparietal cells – produce hydrochloric acidchief cells – produce mucousendocrine cells – produce enzymeschief cells – produce hormonesThe formation of HCl in the stomach involves theactive transport of hydrogen ions from parietal cells into the lumen of the stomach.exchange of sodium ions for hydrogen ions in the transport process.active transport of chloride ions from parietal cells into the lumen of the stomach.exchange of sodium and bicarbonate ions.the combination of carbon dioxide and water.Trypsin can activatepepsinogen.chymotrypsinogen.angiotensinogen.endopeptidase.lipase.Which of the following are energy nutrients?carbohydrates, proteins, and fatproteins, water, and mineralsfats, minerals, and vitaminsvitamins, fats, and carbohydrateswater, minerals, and vitaminsWhich of the following organs can store glycogen?spleen and pancreaskidney and adrenal glandlarge and small intestinesliver and musclesstomach and pancreasWater-soluble vitamins includevitamin A.vitamin C.vitamin D.vitamin K.vitamin E.The name of the process that couples the movement of hydrogen ions across the inner mitochondrial membrane to ATP production is thecitric acid cycle.glycolytic pathway.chemiosmotic model.Cori cycle.hydrosmotic model.The presence of ketone bodies in the urine indicates increased metabolism ofamino acids.lactic acids.fatty acids.nucleic acids.citric acids.

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