what is the overhead cost per unit and how you calculate it. thanks hapters 1 – 5 0 Submitted 77.8/100 Total points awarded Help Exit Daba Company manufactures two products, Product F and Product G. The company expects to produce and sell 2,000 units of Product F and 2,400 units of Product G during the current year. The company uses activity-based costing to compute unit product costs for external reports. Data relating to the company's three activity cost pools are given below for the current year: Expected Activity warded Activity Cost Pool Machine setups Purchase orders Order size Estimated Overhead Cost $15,840 $76,800 $42,160 Product F 132 setups 672 orders 1,290 hours Product G 88 setups 1,248 orders 1,190 hours Total 220 setups 1,920 orders 2,480 hours pok Required: Using the activity-based costing approach, determine the overhead cost per unit for each product. (Round your answers places.) ences Product F Product G

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