The research questions are:
RQ1. To what extent did IT expenditures improve infection control performance through an
effect on labor?
RQ2. Where did IT make the most impact in the improvement of infection control
performance through labor (in terms of the category of staff that improved the most after IT
RQ3. To what extent did IT expenditures impact infection control performance directly (not
focusing on the indirect effect on labor)?
Some hypotheses include:
For RQ1:
H10: There is no indirect effect of IT expenditures on infection control performance through
H2A. IT indirectly improves infection control performance by making labor more productive
to the tune of a 10% – 30% increase in labor productivity.
For RQ2:
H30: There is no statistically significant difference in the increase in labor productivity of the
three staff categories (nurses, sterilization staff, and housekeeping/environmental cleaning
staff) brought about by IT expenditures.

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