Week 6

Statistical Tools (graded)

Before you participate in this discussion,
please review this week’s tutorial.
Two tools were used by the group in the early
analysis of their process. Why was it important for the group to use a
histogram when they did? What could have happened if the group had not used it?

Inspection and Process Evaluations (graded)

Is 100% inspection good? Why
or why not? What alternatives are there to 100% inspection?
Week 7

Implementing TQM (graded)

Over the last six weeks, you
have been gaining insight into the ultimate question for this course: How do we
implement TQM? Where do we begin? What key areas do we need to address first?
Once we get our implementation started, what do we need to do in order to
sustain our momentum?

What is Six Sigma? (graded)

What are the origins of Six
Sigma? What makes Six Sigma what it is? Is Six Sigma new, or has it been there
all the time? If Six Sigma were terminated in an operation, would anything
happen to the quality of the products produced? Why or why not?

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