Week 3 dq1
“Governance” Please respond to the

Should every community have its own
healthcare organization with its own mission, or should hospitals be like
Wal-Mart, where the mission is set once for the world? State your position.
If there is a virtue to individual
community missions, determine what is it, and how a local governing board
should establish a mission.Week 3 dq2 (This video looks at some
different outcome measures and the fact that the issue is not only having
outcomes, but being able to apply them to patient care. )”Clinical Performance”
Please respond to the following:·
Why should clinical performance be
focused on outcomes? ·
How do you differentiate the concepts
of quality, appropriateness, economy, and efficiency?·
Analyze the way that medical
decisions are made and explain why it is important that medical decisions
involve probabilities.Health Outcomes Measurement in
Orthopedic HospitalDuration: (3:02)
User: siemens – Added: 7/18/13

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