(3-5 Sentences per question).

Describe Ossification during Fetal Development. 2.What are the roles of Osteoclasts in bone formation? 3.How do Osteoblasts assist when recovering from a fractured bone? 4. How does Vitamin D support bone formation? 5.Explain the difference between Long bones, Short bones, Flat Bones, and Sesamoid bones. 6.Why could damage to the Epiphyseal plate of a bone, during childhood, result in a reduction of a bone’s growth potential. 7.Which bone in the skull has an opening to allow the spinal cord to pass through, and what
is this opening called? 8.The vertebral column consists of 4 different curves, what are they? 9. Describe the location of the coccyx. 10.Describe the difference between metacarpals and metatarsal bones.

Define the following terms: Hospital charge master Coding Systems Reimbursement Discuss the relationship between patient registration and the hospital charge master. Which of these (registration, or the charge master) is more important than the other? Why?

Using a search engine, research the differences between Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. In 3 paragraphs to 1 page, describe your findings. In your answer, be sure to include at least one piece of information that you did not know about these conditions

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