Week 1 Discussion 1″Corporate Earnings and Internal versus External Expansion” Please respond to the following:• As a stakeholder of a company, suggest which financial measurement is most important to current stockholders’ net income, or earnings, and comprehensive income. Provide support for your rationale.• Given the current economic environment, assess whether or not a company is most likely to expand through internal or external (i.e., merger or acquisition) options. Provide support for your rationale.Week 1 Discussion 2″Business Combinations and Goodwill Impairment” Please respond to the following:• From the e-Activity, analyze a key circumstance that caused the impairment of goodwill, and judge how the impairment affected the company’s corporate image. Provide support for your evaluation.• Many companies, as it is commonly known, achieve their growth through business combinations, which can be friendly combinations or hostile takeovers. Give your opinion on which type of combination is likely to occur in a company of your choice. Provide support for your rationale.

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