Assignment 11. Are project management techniques appropriate for wedding planning? Why?2. Describe the strategic planning process involved with wedding planning?3. What five key topics that you would use as criteria for prioritizing projects?4. Using a weighted scoring matrix that includes at least two financial criteria, determine how you would evaluate the components of your wedding planning project.Assignment 2Use an Internet search engine to search for a project charter template. Using this template as a model, use Microsoft Word to define the following for the wedding planning project: the Objective, Constraints, Resources, the Budget, and the Schedule.In addition, discuss the matrix style you would prefer to use for your project and why this choice is the best. Also include the communication methods you will use to communicate to the various resources involved in this project.Use Word to create your scope statement. Your assignment should be two to three pages (not including the cover page).Assignment 3Schedule the wedding planning project. Based on the previous project information you created, the project priorities you set, and your budget, you will now need to break down your project into activities. Using an Internet search engine, locate a project scheduling template. Build a WBS and project schedule using the template. You will need to identify all dependencies and estimate your costs. Assign contingency reserves, and determine how much reserve your team would estimate for the whole project. Justify and explain your choices and estimates.Assignment 4Write a Risk Management Plan for the wedding planning project. Be sure to identify and assess major and minor risks inherent to the project. Decide on a response type. Develop a contingency plan for two to four identified risks. Assign your resources to the project activities. Determine the best way to use the resources you want on multiple projects, and develop a contingency play for your resources.Assignment 5Schedule CrashingCreate a detailed schedule for the wedding planning project. It can be similar to the one you created in Assignment 3, but you may need to adjust it a bit if the duration was not over two years. Then, prepare another detailed schedule that crashes your project duration by nine months. Using Microsoft Word, you also need to prepare a paper outlining how the scope and budget might be impacted by the crashed schedule. Your paper should be at least 300 words.Assignment 6High Performing TeamsDescribe in your own words what you believe are the four most important characteristics of high-performing project teams for the wedding planning project. Tell why you believe each is so critical, explain how they are related to each other, and give at least two specific examples from your project for each characteristic. If you outsourced any resources on your project, explain why you outsourced and how that outsourced relationship helped or hindered your project. Would you use that resource again? Why, or why not?The assignment should be at least 300 words.Assignment 7Project Closure ChecklistCreate a closeout checklist for the wedding planning project. Use Microsoft Word to create the checklist, and make sure to include details on what steps you need to take to closeout the wedding planning project and the communication method(s) in doing so. In addition include what, if anything, could have been done differently to improve project performance.The checklist and your written summary should be a least one page long.

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