ApplicationBiology of Energy HomeostasisThe primary objective of this assignment is to introduce you to the major biological concepts that are associated with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. This Application focuses on the role of various biological processes involved in the regulation of food intake, nutrition, energy homeostasis, and metabolism.Complete the following steps.Read the article by Jeffrey Flier and Eleftheria Maratos-Flier, “What Fuels Fat” as an introduction to the topic. This article explains the complex biology of energy balance and the contribution different organs make in regulating this process.Flier, J. S., & Maratos-Flier, E. (2007). What fuels fat.Scientific American, 297, 72-81. Retrieved from the Walden Library Academic Search Premier database. (AN 17784627)Read Chapter 14, “The Digestive System and Nutrition,” in the course textHuman Biology: Concepts and Current Issues.After reading Flier’s article and Chapter 14, think about the role of cellular and molecular biology in regulation of food intake and nutrition, energy homeostasis, and metabolism. Browse the review articles from the list provided below, and choose an area of interest. Each article provides an overview of the complex biochemical and molecular processes that help regulate different organ systems in health and in the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.Please note, you are expected to read a selection of the review articles listed below to gain a better or deeper understanding of the topic. However, for your Application Assignment you must also find primary research articles in your area of interest. You may use the review articles in your Application paper, but primary research is required for your research section. Using less than three primary research articles will result in a deduction of points.There are four biological focus areas provided. After familiarizing yourself with the overall topics, choose the area that interests you and review those articles. Then, please locate and use at least three appropriate primary research articles, all of which are related to the same focus area.Obesity and Energy Homeostasis

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