“Value-Chain Strategy and Competing in India” Please respond to the following:From the e-Activity, determine the value in co-branding strategies. Then, examine and explain the strengths and weakness. Provide examples with your response.Given the challenges with infrastructure in India, make two recommendations that a company could use to develop an effective channel strategy.”Wal-Mart” Please respond to the following:Determine at least two areas of strengths and areas of weaknesses in Wal-Mart’s value chain. Explain your rationale.As noted in the case, Target and Costco seem to be catching up by growing comparable store sales faster than Wal-Mart. Create a value-chain strategy that could address this issue.”Pricing Strategy” Please respond to the following:From the e-Activity, evaluate Amazon’s pricing strategy. Select two products and compare the price to those of “brick and mortar” retailer. Determine the price strategy used for these two products in each selling venue and give a plausible explanation why price differences may occur.”Promotion, Advertising, and Sales Promotion Strategies” Please respond to the following:Select one advertisement that you have viewed in the last week. Briefly describe the advertisement and where you viewed it. Determine the advertising strategy that was used in this advertisement. Explain your rationale.”Sales Force and Digital Strategy” Please respond to the following:Analyze the sales force strategy of a company that you have familiarity to identify at least two weaknesses or opportunities for improving the sales force effectiveness. Then, suggest at least two recommendations that could increase effectiveness.Suggest how a firm can use social media to leverage its digital strategy. Illustrate with an example.”Direct Marketing Strategies” Please respond to the following:From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing. Determine which companies, products, or services, are best suited for direct marketing.Select a company of your choice that engages in direct marketing. Analyze its method of direct marketing and make two suggestions on how it can improve upon the methods used.The responses do not need to be in a formal paper layout.Please answer each group of questions separately.

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