Using the Siemens Financial Analysis (FY 2008 – FY 2005) and Key Ratio Comparison, calculate the missing values. (Enter answers in millions of dollars. Round financial ratios to two decimal places. Omit the “$” & “%” from responses.)Siemens Financial Analysis(data in millions excluding per share data and financial ratios)FY 2009Revenue$109,856Cost of Revenue80,175Gross ProfitGross Profit Margin%EBIT9,097Income Tax2,055NOPAT (Net Operating Profit After Taxes)7,041Net Income (includes discontinued operations)$3,579Diluted Weighted Average Shares914Dividends per ShareDiluted Normalized EPS (continuing operations)3.70Cash CycleFY 2009Revenue per dayAccounts Receivable20,708Receivable DaysInventory20,250Inventory DaysAccounts Payable10,882Payable DaysCash Cycle (days)Key RatiosFY 2009Market Value of Book EquityPrice per share85.97Earnings per share (continuing operations)P/E RatioReturn on Invested Capital10.6%Return on Assets%Return on Equity%Return on Revenue%Total Assets136,048Current Assets62,536Current Liabilities52,292Current RatioTotal DebtDebt/Equity RatioTotal Equity (book value)39,108Shareholders’ Equity (minority interests)919Market to Book ValuePer Employee (in Euros)FY 2009Number of Employees (continuing operations)405,000RevenueNet IncomeMarket ValueConversion for Siemens based on spot currency rate 12/31/09. 1 Euro= $1.4332

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