Using the information provided below, please write a letter of purpose for applying for a Master’s degree. The letter should be around 1 to 1 and half pages.

As someone who has a lot of interest to in healthcare, I find myself always wanted to observe how healthcare is handled in every nation. I believe that you can learn so much about a culture by reviewing their medical history, and their life habits. journey in the Master of Public Health. Earlier in my undergraduate, I took GCH 205 Global health and GCH 300 Introduction to public health. Both of them showed me a better perspective of health care around the world that made me eager to learn more. I took another interesting class in my freshman year, which is NUTR 293 Introduction to nutrition. Nutrition is one of the most subjects I’m passionate about in life, and it is one of the things I can never stop thinking about. I’m very confident in choosing to major in public health and focus my concentration studies in food safety and nutrition.

As a health administration and policy student, I want both of my undergraduate degree and graduate degrees to complement and strengthen each other. I’m learning to be an excellent leader and I want to benefit from this skill by increasing my knowledge on the public medical side.

my long-term goal is to improve nutrition understanding and food safety in Saudi Arabia. I would like to be part of the food safety decision-makers in KSA.


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