AT3a: Questionnaire Design – From Research Problem to Data Collection Instrument Using Qualtrics, you need to design a Questionnaire that addresses a simple research problem. You will need to demonstrate the following: • Questions that collect Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio Data • Macro Survey flow using block logic • Micro Survey flow using display logic • Professional presentation and wording of the questionnaire (landing and exit page and question phrasing. • Sharing your survey correctly with your marker AT3b: Data Import, Export and Preparation – Towards a usable SPSS file Within Qualtrics, Excel and SPSS you need to move files around, cleanse data of incomplete responses and finish with an SPSS data file that you can conduct further analysis on. • Input a survey into Qualtrics • Enter data—responses into that survey • Perform an export to SPSS and tidy up the data labels so that the SPSS file is easy to use AT3C: Basic Data Analysis We need you to show us that you can do the following: • Create “Topline Results” (Frequencies, charts) from the Qualtrics platform • Explore data using Crosstabs and represent those crosstabs using Excel charts • Transform variables to collapse categories in SPSS • Compare means in SPSS • Explore associations between variables in SPSS; Correlations and Regression • Appreciate the statistical tests that can be used for the above techniques What you need to do for this assignment You need to submit a single document, to the MyUni site. Label your document (for instance) labelled AT3_a1234567_kamineni.docx. In that document you will have three subsections – parts a, b and c. From that document you’ll need to point us to two external sources: • You’ll need to point us to your Qualtrics survey that you have shared with Lecture also giving us the name of the survey. Failure to do so means I will not assess part a. • You’ll need to insert a permanent link to an SPSS data file. This is best done as a shareable link from Google drive with Edit Access granted. If we can’t simply download the document from your paper we will not assess your part b.

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