Using Python 3:

t(s) Ала во 9 10 54.80 54.06° 65.59° 64.59° 11 53.34° 63.62° 1. (a) The radar stations A and B, separated by the distance a 500 m, track the plane C by recording the angles a and 8 at 1-second intervals, as shown in the figure. If three successive readings are shown in the table, calculate the speed v of the plane and the climb angley at t= 10 s as accurate as you can. The coordinates of the plane can be shown to be: tan B 'tan 3 – tana tan a tan tan B-tana (b) Derive the central difference approximation for f”(x) accurate to O(h) by applying Richardson extrapolation to the central difference approximation accurate to O(h) (see lecture notes for expressions)

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