Use yahoo finance (Financials, statistics, etc. sections) to gather the following data and perform the related analysis to answer the following questions for one of the following companies :Apple, Amazon, Boing, Facebook or United States Steel.:
1- What is company Outstanding shares?
2- What is company market value?
3- what is its book value?
4- What is the beta for this company?
5- What is the risk free rate in your analysis?
6- what is Market premium?
7- What is cost of equity for the company?
8- What is its cost of debt (Total interest expense/ total debt)?
9- What is the leverage ratio D/(D+E) of the company?
10- What is WACC for the company?
11- What is company's dividend policy?
12- What were company's financing and investment last year. i would really appreciate the help. thank you

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