University of Florida football programs are printed 1 week prior to each home game. Attendance averages 90,000 screaming and loyal Gators​ fans, of whom​ two-thirds usually buy the​ program, following a normal​ distribution, for ​$55 each. Unsold programs are sent to a recycling center that pays only 10 cents per program. The standard deviation is 10,000 ​programs, and the cost to print each program is ​$11.

Refer to the standard normal table


for​ z-values.

​a) What is the cost of underestimating demand for each​ program?

Upper C Subscript sCsequals=​$4.004.00

​(round your response to two decimal​ places).

​b) What is the overage cost per​ program?

Upper C Subscript oCoequals=​$0.900.90

​(round your response to two decimal​ places).

​c) How many programs should be ordered per​ game? ____ ​(round your response to the nearest whole​ number).

​d) What is the stockout risk for this order​ size?

Stockout risk = _____ ​(round your response to four decimal​ places).

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