discusionUnder the concept of “value chain analysis”, a business is viewed as a set of business processes that “add value” to the product or service that is offered by the business. Part of your effort (exercise and case study) will be to determine a business process (at least one) that will support one of Porter’s generic strategies. Not to get ahead of the game here, but you will want to read this section of your text (“Value Chain Analysis-Executing Business Strategies”); it will help you in working with the assignments.By incorporating strategy-driven processes, a business may achieve a competitive advantage (or advantages, for that matter). However, competitive advantages are temporary (yes, even for Apple).As a response to this Topic:1. In your own words, briefly describe (and give an example of) a competitive advantage.2. In two paragraphs, describe why a competitive advantage can be thwarted (describe why they are temporary), and give an example, based on current events, or even from an historical perspective. Be as concise as possible (keep your comments at a comprehensive level).3.Respond to at least two of your fellow classmates. Ensure your feedback provides value to the topic.discussion 2Information Systems (IS) is more than just computers and software; it also consists of people, data (information), policies, procedures, and processes. Fundamentally speaking, IS plays an important role in business, and its success by:- Supporting business processes and operations- Supporting decision making (employees and managers)- Supporting strategies for competitive advantage (competitive necessity) Using your own experience, or, with a little research, identify a single system (one that you work with on a recurring basis–at work for instance) that you use, or have researched, and explain how it supports theoperationsormanagerial support functionsof a business.Reply to this conference topic with a 2-3 paragraph statement, using content addressed within your textbook and other sources available to you–please ensure you cite your references (APA format for online sources is required–minimum of one (1) reference required).

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