Executive Briefing on Business Benefits and ConsiderationsFor your Stage 2 Project, you proposed a technology solution to improve a business process at your Hometown Deli. In Stage 3 you evaluated a list of considerations. In this Stage 4 Project you are to prepare an Executive Briefing, using Microsoft PowerPoint, addressing how the solution you proposed in Stage 2 could support and enhance the Deli as anenterpriseorwork groupsolution, explain the business benefits of the solution, and address the considerations you determined to be most important in Stage 3. You will present this briefing to the loan committee at your bank to provide the justification for the loan to implement your technology solution. For purposes of this exercise you do not need to focus on costs of the proposed solution, but just focus on convincing them that it will improve your business and that you have addressed key issues; however, a multi-million dollar solution would not make sense for a local, neighborhood deli.Purpose of this AssignmentThis assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with an important group of stakeholders. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to:analyze business strategy to recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomesidentify and plan IT solutions that meet business objectives.AssignmentUsing the technology solution you proposed in Stage 2 and the considerations you analyzed in Stage 3, you should prepare an Executive Briefing that:· Addresses how the solution you proposed in Stage 2 could support and enhance the Deli as anenterpriseorwork groupsolution· Explains the benefits of the solution, and· Addresses the considerations you determined to be most important in Stage 3.Each slide should have a title and a limited number of bullet points. Apresentation should capture key bullet points andnotinclude complete paragraphs and detailed text. The bullet points in your presentation will be supported by relevant details in the Notes section of the slides. Use the “Notes” area to write what you would say if you were giving this as a presentation. Presentations with limited or no “Notes” will receive much lower grades.While use of external resources is not required, your presentation may be strengthened by incorporating research. Remember to correctly cite and reference any sources. Any direct quotes should be indicated within the slide text with appropriate quotation marks and an in-text citation (however direct quotes should be short and used sparingly, if at all). Complete references for all sources should be included in the corresponding Notes section. Paraphrased material can just be referenced within the Notes section of the slides without an in-text citation on the slide. This deviates from APA style but keeps the slides more readable. Your presentation format should be professional and use frames, color and/or style to make it interesting in appearance to keep your audience’s attention.Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything. Submit your presentation via your Assignment Folder as a Microsoft PowerPoint (2003, 2007 or 2010) document with your last name included in the filename.Your presentation should be at least 9 slides, to include:· A cover slide with a title, your name and date as a minimum· 1-2 slides that summarize the proposed solution· 1 slide that explains how the proposed solution is either an enterprise or a work group solution· 1-2 slides that explain the benefits to the Deli of the proposed enterprise or work group solution, telling how the solution supports the business strategy and what quantifiable (and perhaps non-quantifiable) benefits are expected.· 4-6 slides on the most important considerations from the list in Stage 3 and the impact on the Deli – what they mean to the Deli and what needs to be done about them· Summary/conclusion slide

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