topics to cover, and how to get him or her to say yes. (Sample speech topics include doing business in foreign countries, being more productive, managing one's time, professi working, using appropriate body language, negotiating, and handling dlifficult conversations) onal net- Sales Messages 15. Persuading Seniors to Rejoin a Gym: As a member of the management team for FitBody located downtown in your city, you've just attended a strategy session in which the ated ideas for increasing memberships. Your boss presented data about current Gym, team gener memberships broken down by demographic categories. One group that stood out for its low number of memberships was older adults. “We're doing well attracting people in their 20s, 30s, and 4 data show that many members let their gym memberships lapse once they reach a certain age.” The team decides that one strategy to remedy this problem will be to send a letter to those aged 50 and over who have let their club membership lapse to point out the benefits of continuing to work out. You've been assigned the task of creating this mailing. Os,” your boss says, “but we're not attracting enough senior citizens. In fact, our Studying the websites of several athletic clubs and, using realistic facts as well as your imag- nation, write the letter that will persuade these former members to rejoin. Consider carefully how to turn features of the club into benefits for your readers. (Your instructor may require you to create certain additional pieces for this mailing, or may allow you to choose a different kind of business and/or audience.) Strategies for Common Business Documents

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