Tony and Sam are having drinks at a bar, when Tony accidentally spills his beer all over Sam's girlfriend ruining her dress. Upon doing so, Sam looks at Tony and tells him that “He is going to kill him!!!” Sam then proceeds to tackle Tony to the ground before the bouncer, Brute, is finally able to separate the two. As a result of the fall, Sam sustains a concussion and a broken arm. If Tony is sued by Sam's girlfriend for the loss of her dress, Tony could possibly be found liable for which of the following: All of the choices O Negligence Assault Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Battery Joe pays for his food at the drive-thru window as he receives it. The payment and the receipt of the food are conditions. subsequent precedent spontaneous concurrent Question 14 1 pts Sarah is borrowing money from Bank of America. Her friend Lynn, who works for Pepsi Co, signs the loan agreement promising to pay the debt if Sarah does not. In this scenario, lynn is the obligor. sarah2 is the obligee, and Under the doctrine of the principal consideration is the safety of a product, not the conduct of the manufacturer or supplier of the goods. public policy strict liability O battery O negligence Question 16 1 pts right to cross Paco's land to get to the highway. What term best describes the Mike has a type of easement Mike has in this situation? O Dominant Mineral Estate Servient tenement Profit a prendre Dominant tenement You are the judge. The prosecutor in a criminal case charges Suzy with battery for hitting Stacy in the face with a swinging door. Stacy, the victim, is called as the only witness and testifies that Suzy pushed the door open very fast. But then she adds thatshe does not believe that Suzy knew she was on the other side of the door. Should you find Suzy guilty of criminal battery on Stacy? O Yes, because Suzy intended to open the door and was careless. O No, because Suzy did not intend to hit Stacy Question 18 1 pts Dai executes a will and provides copies to all her children. Later, she prepares a different will and destroys the first original will, but not the copies. Has the original will been canceled? OYes, since the last will is always the one probated. No. since the copies still exist. Yes, even though copies exist, Dai destroyed the original. No, since delivering the copies prevents Dai from later changing her will. Question 19 Sovereign Immunity applies to: Sole proprietorships O Lawyers Royalty State governments The president of a publically traded company You are an assistant district attorney. The following scenario comes to your desk for charging: Ruben is at 7/11 when Sarah, the clerk, watches, Ruben steal a can of soda and try to leave the store. Sarah confronts Ruben before he exists, but he threatens her with bodily injury and tries to fight her. What charge would you bring before the Grand Jury? robbery burglary extortion theft In order to bring a derivative suit, a shareholder must own stock: O at time of injury and at time of the suit at the time of the injury. at the time of the suit only. at the time of the injury, suit, and trial. 1 pt Question 22 is a is a transfer of a contract right, and a An transfer of a contract duty

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