This study examines the concept of quality in the SME's manufacturing industry in South Africa, for improving overall performance. The key finding of the study is determining existence of positive linear relationship between manufacturing industry’s quality operations and overall performance in terms of optimisation and efficiency. From the perspective of competitive advantage, manufacturing firms are capable of performing better off than others through adopting principles of quality management.
So as to pick up a comprehension on what components impacts the manageability and quality administration of SMEs, a writing study and site investigation was utilized as research technique. Information were gathered utilizing a writing audit and observational examination. The writing survey gave a theoretical system which incorporated the foundation of SMEs, the arrangements and strategies accessible for SME improvement and advancement, the administration intercession for SME advancement just as private division bolster accessible for SMEs. The observational examination was utilized to decide the circumstance of SMEs in the region.
Utilizing a survey planned by a quantitative methodology, an irregular testing strategy was utilized to choose an example of 50 SMEs and respondents were mentioned to finish the polls.
The significant discoveries were talked about finally to decide the exploration targets that brought about the finish of this examination. In view of the investigation of information, end and proposals were planned.

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