This paper gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned during the semester. Use concepts from the class as well as your answers to the questions for reflection assignment (due January 15) to demonstrate what you have learned. Focus on your learning rather than listing concepts or defining terms. If there is an idea that challenged/ challenges your assumptions, you may discuss the challenge.

Use the language from class in the paper so that I know you have mastered the concepts. Be as specific as possible. As an example, you might talk about discovering that you are motivated by the need for affiliation as defined by McClelland, and how that preferred style of motivation affects your approach to work. Then go on to explain how that motivation style helped you to relate to a particular leadership approach (i.e. transformational leadership).

You may answer each question individually or, if you prefer, you may use a narrative.

1) Provide examples of what you have learned using concepts from the class in your description
2) Demonstrate an ability to use the concepts to analyze a question and generate solutions
3) Apply the concepts from this class to your personal life

4) Communicate your ideas in a concise and professional manner.

Possible questions for reflection What is leadership? What makes a good leader? How would you evaluate employees who work for you? How would you motivate peers on a team? Imagine that you are the Project Manager for a large project that will take two years to complete. The project is in the planning stage. What team formation and development activities would you include in the plan? Why? How would your approach to negotiating a major purchase be different now than it would have been at the start of the course? What process would you recommend to a team of ten people who need to make a decision? How do you feel about conflict: interpersonal, and between others when you are present? What do you think helps or hinders productivity in a group project? What organizational values are important as you consider work after you graduate? Describe the culture of an organization in which you would thrive.

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