Theory: You will need to perform a calculation of the energy required to raise the temperature of the water
from room temperature to boiling point. The amount energy (Q) required to increase the temperature (T) of a
material of mass m and specific heat capacity c, is [ref]:
Q = m?c??T (1)
where ?T is the change in temperature of the material. You will need to look up the relevant value of c and
give a reference in the appropriate format. You should start with the textbook as your primary reference
Also, the power required to deliver a specific amount of energy (Q) over a time interval (t), is:
Power (P) = Energy (Q)/Time (t) (2)
Hence, we are relating the power available (the power rating of the kettle, P) to the energy required (Q) to
boil the water in a specific time interval (t). Note that we are not considering a phase change, as we only
need to just get eh water boiling.

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