The Spirit catches you and you fall down by Anne Fadiman

Response Paper from Readings: The Spirit catches you and you fall down by Anne Fadiman and Fresh,Fruit, Broken Bodies by Seth Holmes

Choose a paragraph or a passage
Make connections
Agree and disagree
Summarize and respond
and Ask a question and answer it.MLA……………Answer Preview……………..Name:




Over the years, the provision of healthcare has been a major concern not only to the immigrants but also to other individuals. The two readings present a scenario of health concern that is encountered by most families that are unable to access medical care. Despite this, racism has in the past aggravated the capability of discriminated families to access the best care. However, most families resort to traditional methods accessible to them for instance Lees’ case. Despite this, the need for survival pushes humans into indulging in extraneous activities just to meet the basic needs. On the other hand, suffering and social inequalities have been perceived as of being normal whereby the unfortunate encounter was devastating……………….MLA333 Words Added to cart

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