The semester you have been reading and writing about issues related to the American criminal justice system. The final two writing assignments of the semester will contunie this focus on American criminal-justice system, but throught the lens of a controversial criminal case, one of your choosing. One of the writing assingments, the final one, will be a multiple-source argument essay of at least eight(8) pages aboutthe case you’ve chosen. In the essay you will make two arguments. The first will concern the outcome to the case that would constitute justice, or at least the closest thing to justice. The second will concern which national issue(S) or trend(S), whether legal, political, sociological, econimic, and/or cultural, the case highlights. The essay must support and illustarate these arguments with ideas, information, and quotations from at least eight(8) soutces, at least three(3) of hich must come from the electronic-research databases. Your other five sources can come from any category of media: the course readings, the internet, the electronic-research databases, print newspapers and magazines, books, films. radio, etc. In preparation for the essay, you will compose an annotated bibliography. Like a standard bibliography, an annotated bibliography is a list of sources on a oarticular topic. The difference is that an annotated bibliography, in addition to providing publication information for its sources, briefly describes, in about half a page, each source’s content and the source’s relevance to the essay. Your annotated bibliography must include at least five(5) of the sources that you will use in your essay.

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