The readings for this unit have discussed US immigration in a variety of contexts. In your papers, discuss the major issues

For your third paper in this class, write an argument synthesis responding to the following prompt: The readings for this unit have discussed in a variety of contexts. In your papers, discuss the major issues to be considered when educating yourself about US immigration. Write an argument synthesis of the information available in this unit, and construct your essay to answer the question:

“How would a sudden end to immigration affect the U.S.’s ?”

LING 281 Paper 3 – Argument Synthesis

Use 4-5 sources (listed below) to discuss the various issues.

Your audience is professors/students in a 4-year university; assume they have not read the texts. The format is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, MLA or APA style.

Successful papers will:

Include an effective introduction that gives a general overview of the topic for the reader.

Have a thesis statement that indicates the main idea of the essay, which is

Be organized around the issues that the assigned readings explore.

Include effective body paragraphs that clearly state each issue and provide information about them with evidence from the assigned readings.

Use persuasive appeals (logic, character/credibility, emotion) to influence your reader.

Include a conclusion that restates the main points and explains the importance of the issue; why is it significant? What might be the consequence of not paying attention to the issue of immigration in the United States?

“How would a sudden end to immigration affect the U.S.’s economy and culture?”

Assigned readings: All of these articles are available on Blackboard.

Alvarez, Pricilla. “A Brief History of America’s ‘Love-Hate’ Relationship with Immigration.” The Atlantic.19 Feb.



Camarota, Steven A. and Zeigler, Karen. “U.S. Immigrant Population Hit Record 43.7 Million in 2016.” Center for

Immigration Studies. Oct. 2017. 


Hesson, Ted. “Why baby boomers need immigrants.” Politico. 25 Oc. 2017.

Kumar, Rohit. “4 Ways Immigrant Cultural Wisdom is Inspiring America.” HuffPost News. Oath Inc. 21 May 2013.

Passel, Jeffrey S. and Cohn, D’Vera. “2. Occupations of unauthorized immigrant workers.” Pew Research Center.

3 Nov. 2016. 

Porter, Eduardo. “Expelling Immigrant Workers May Also Send Away the Work They Do.” New York Times.24 Oct.


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