The project is an appraisal review project. It is not an appraisal report. You will review an existing appraisal. I added a new folder identified as Appraisal Review Project. In that folder you will find:
Sample Office Condo Appraisal. That is the report to be reviewed.
Review Format. That is a Word document of a review. You can borrow language, certification, etc. so that you do not have to type everything.
Minimum Content for Review Report. That is another example of what is needed in the review report.
Please note that Chapter 32 in the 14th Edition of the Appraisal of Real Estate (Pages 671 to 682) is related to appraisal reviews.
The final review report will be due via CourseDen email on May 1, 2019. If you would like me to review a draft to make sure you are on the right track you can send it no later than April 26. I will not have time to look at the drafts and give you helpful feedback after that date (April 26).
The review is of the "Sample Office Condo Appraisal" in the Appraisal Review Project Folder. The "Minimum Content for Review Report" and "Review Format" are provided as examples. The Review Format file is still in a Word format so you can borrow (and hopefully massage) some of the language.
I have given you a copy of an actual appraisal report that we actually use as sample work product to show prospective clients. However, specific identifying information has been deleted to protect the privacy of the original client that the report was prepared for. That is why there are blanks. You can either leave that information blank as it is not important for the purpose of what we are attempting to accomplish or if you want to get creative you can fill in the information to keep me entertained as I read it.
What we are trying to accomplish is for you to show me that you understand what needs to be in an appraisal and to be able to critique and use this information.
As we get down to the wire if you need to reach me text me on my cell (404) 317-8881 or to send me something on my work email which I monitor constantly
The purpose of the assignment is not to criticize unless it is warranted. The purpose is to show me that you know what elements are supposed to be in an appraisal report and to make a judgment as to whether or not the value conclusion is well supported. I also wanted for you all to carefully read through a real appraisal report.
I am reading for content so do not get too hung up on format. The report does not need to be too long. I would expect to see less than five pages not counting the certification.

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