The Problem: For this project you will design and implement a new ADT: Roster. The Roster ADT is implemented as a BST that stores Student objects. BST property: Roster operations are guaranteed to retain BST property, s.t. given any node, all Students in its left subtree are < the student at that node and all Students in its right subtree are >, where < and > are defined by last name alphabetical order as primary key and first name alphabetical order as secondary key (i.e., if the primary key is equal, compare the secondary key. No duplicates will be added to the roster – assume no two students will have same first and last names). Implementation Requirements: Your Roster ADT must implement at least the following methods: – Default constructor – Copy constructor – Destructor – bool isEmpty() // – void add(Student) // adds the Student argument object maintaining the BST property described above. It does not allow duplicate students. – void add(vector) // adds all the Student objects found in the vector argument, maintaining the BST property described above – void remove(Student) // – int getHeight() // as discussed in lecture, height is measured as the number of nodes on the longest path from root to leaf – void display() // print all students inorder (as per inorder traversal), one per line, separated by comma ( i.e. “id, first_name, last_namen” ) Note: You MUST implement the Roster ADT using the provided BinaryNode class, not STL containers. I reserve the prerogative to detract points given to your submission by Gradescope if you do otherwise. Also keep in mind that getHeight and display will be used to test other operations, so make sure they work correctly. Extra Credit: A tree rotation is an operation on a binary tree that changes the structure without interfering with the order of the elements. In a BST a rotation retains the BST property. For a good description of rotating binary trees, see Wiki page. Implement: – void rotateLeft() – void rotateRight() Starter files: – BinaryNode class – Student class, a simple class representing a student. – Visitor and Printer classes as discussed in lecture (usage is optional, but you may want to use it if you want to implement a general traversal and use the Printer functor to display the Roster). Testing: Write a test driver (main function – not for submission) to incrementally test all methods in your ADT. You should instantiate Student objects to populate the Roster and test that all operations retain the BST property. Submission: Only Roster.hpp and Roster.cpp will be evaluated for submission. You cannot rely on modifying the starter classes. All Roster operations must work with the starter classes as given. Starter files for this project can be fund on GitHub classroom. You will find the link on Blackboard under Course Materials/Project9. Please accept the assignment and work using the repo. I strongly encourage you to get into the habit of working with version control (which here translates to: it would be nice to see many more commits!!!). Your project must be submitted to Gradescope through GitHub.

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