The political hierarchy

For Individual Writing Assignment: Essay #2,

students are to prepare a properly structured paper that critically evaluates one of the following questions:

1.Explain the major differences between the public and private sectors in Canada and discuss whether or not in Canada should be run like a business. If yes, why? If no, why not?

2.Should federal and provincial governments in Canada be required by law to run annual balanced budgets? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Word Count: Minimum: 1,300 words; Maximum: 1,500 words.

Students are to provide documented evidence in the form of at least eight third party citations taken from text books, academic journals, government sources, the news media or other literature to support their work.

The academic requirements for the paper are very strict, and many political conclusions need to find out the source to prove, for example:

1, At the top of the is the federal government of Canada whose primary responsibility is to take care of things that affect the entire country such as immigration and defense against external aggression

2, These units of the political organization play roles in the administration of things such as healthcare and education and other areas that are prescribed by the constitution.

3, Such complex relationships have for many years acted as sources of conflict between the state and the provinces, especially in resource allocation.

All of the above sentences are required to prove the information.

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