The pdf file is the requirement of the whole project, and what you need to do I have highlight in yellow. 3 parts, different due day. The first part due on 31, but I can give you 1-2 days more, if you don’t have enough time.


And I also listed what you need to write below: Select the topic of 3 learning posts and 1 professional.

Learning posts topic needs to be related to the course content, professional topic only needs to be related to the economic profession.

Describe al topic. Add some pictures to make the page more beautiful. You can write them in a ppt.

For this part, I need 100-150 words for each topics. Improve 4 topic content and typeset.

For this part, I need about 250 words for each topics.


Total is required about 6 pages of content and some images by typeset.

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