Task: The objective of the clinical case study report is to gain comprehensive knowledge about kidney disease and its management. In this case study report you will focus on the stages of chronic kidney disease (early detection to end stage kidney diseases) and theassessment and management of each stage. The cases study is based on the HSNS265 case “Glenda
Your assignment needs to be structured according to the conventions of academic writing following American Psychological Association (APA) – 6th Edition – commonly referredto as APA 6and include an introduction, an integrated conclusion and subheadings as required. You must write in essay style: do not use dot pointformat.
Your response needs to be supported byrecent evidence based resources.This could include information from your texts or from other peer reviewed sources.
In this case study report you will present the clinical case of Glenda and discuss her kidney disease and management at each stage of her chronic kidney disease; this will include: Theassessment and management of each of the stages of Glenda’s chronic kidney disease.

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