The information below relates to the Cash account in the ledger of Oriole Company. Balance September 1-$17,400; Cash deposited-$64,410. Balance September 30-$17,744; Checks written-$64,066. The September bank statement shows a balance of $16,762 on September 30 and the following memoranda. Credits Debits Collection of $1,660 note plus interest $40 $1,700 NSF check: Richard Nance $595 Interest earned on checking account $55 Safety deposit box rent $75 At September 30, deposits in transit were $4,620, and outstanding checks totaled $2,553. Prepare the bank reconciliation at September 30. (List items that increase cash balance first. Reconcile cash balance per bank first.) Oriole Company Bank Reconciliation eTextbook and Media List of Accounts Prepare the adjusting entries at September 30, assuming (1) the NSF check was from a customer on account, and (2) no interest had been accrued on the note. (Credit account titles are automatically indented when amount is entered. Do not indent manually.) Debit Credit Date Account Titles and Explanation Sept. 30 (To record note receivable.) Sept. 30 (To record interest earned.) Sept. 30 (To record NSF check.) Sept. 30 (To record safety deposit rent.) e Textbook and Media List of Accounts

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