The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) in the United States: Causes and Policy Responses Goal Analyze the recent (2008-2009) episode in the United States – the Great Financial Crisis (or Great Contraction). Your job is to write a 500-word essay that will: (a) discuss the antecedents to the episode – seeds of the crisis that were previously sown. Then, using the IS-LM model, show both (b) the shocks to the economy which occurred and (c) the government policy response. Also, provide a short discussion of the implications for health care business/industry. Background Although it happened some time ago, the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008-2009 continues to be heavily discussed, including in the popular press. For this assignment, you should read the article “A warning from the almost-depression” by Robert Samuelson, Washington Post, September 16, 2018. For several reasons, this episode is well-suited to the IS-LM model. Your job is to discuss that episode using the model. PLEASE PROVIDE THE REFERENCES THAT YOU USED AND NO Plagiarism (DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER ANSWERS).

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