The following are questions about Lee B. Farkas. You are to fill in the missing information or answer the questions in the scavenger hunt.

a. When was I born?

b. I was born in what state?

c. What is my middle name?

d. What are the last four digits of my social security number?

e. What is my passport number?

f. What does my last name mean in Hungarian?

g. What is my religion?

h. Am I married and how many children do I have?

i. Where do I live?

j. What is my last phone number?

k. How tall I am and how much do I weigh?

l. What color are my hair and my eyes?

m. Do I have any brothers or sisters? What are their names if so?

n. Which relative wrote a letter to The Vile Plutocrat?

o. What are my college degrees?

p. What theater did I help restore in Florida?

q. What Humane Society did I support in Florida?

r. Are my mother and father alive? If not, when did they die?

s. What is my occupation?

t. What mortgage company do I (did I) own?

u. Provide some of my sources of income from assets?

v. I was the CEO of what company until 2003?

w. I became the Chairman of what company until 2003?

x. How much did I steal from my company?

y. In a “preliminary forfeiture order,” what assets were forfeited?

z. In a “preliminary forfeiture order,” what cars or trucks was I forced to forfeit?


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