The Corporate Culture

Read Decision Point: Creating an Ethics Program on Page 148.

Choose one of the following companies (or any company that has been in the press) and write a 2 page, APA style critical analysis of the ethical issues involved in the case.

Legal Cases: Tyco ImClone Global Crossing WorldCom Adelphia NYSE and Richard Grasso Merrill Lynch Health South Marsh and McLennan Al Dunlap and Sunbeam

The analysis should include the following: A short description of case identification of the ethical issues involved (what was the alleged ethical wrong done, and why is/was it wrong?) A statement, in their own opinion, of whether it was wrong or not, and more importantly, why? Thoughts on what could have been done to avoid the problem – do we need more laws & government regulation? What internal controls might have prevented this situation? Was the problem more a matter of individuals gone wrong, or was it more systemic and organizational?

Provide 3-5 APA style references both inline and at the end of the paper to support your analysis. Please write in 3rd person. Note: This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the week’s theory linked to personal opinion and outside evidence.

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.

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