The accounts of Maritime Specialists Ltd. prior to the year-end adjustments are given below. Adjusting data at the end of the year include: a. Unearned service revenue that has been earned, $1,000 b. Accrued service revenue, $2,000 c. Supplies used in operations, $3,000 d. Accrued salary expense, $3,000 e. Prepaid insurance expired, $1,000 f. Depreciation expense, building, $2,000 Jon Whale, the principal shareholder, has received an offer to sell Maritime Specialists. He needs to know the following information within one hour: a. Net income for the year covered by these data b. Total assets c. Total liabilities d. Total shareholders equity e. Proof that Total assets Total liabilities Total shareholders equity, after all items are updated Requirement Without opening any accounts, making any journal entries, or using a worksheet, provide Whale with the requested information. The business is not subject to income tax. Show all computations.

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